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Pencil Pleat


Probably the most common pleat because they are neat, practical and work well with both tracks and poles. Pencil pleats also work with virtually all types of curtain fabric, making them extremely flexible. You can choose exactly how high you want the heading to extend above the track or the pole - the higher you go, the more luxurious it looks.

Pinch Pleats


Sometimes called ‘French Pleats’, pinch pleats give an elegant, classic look that’s perfect for formal rooms. The pleats themselves are usually in groups of three separated by a space which opens up when the curtain is closed. When the curtain is opened the pleats create neat, clean folds down the fabric. Pinch pleats work equally well on tracks or hanging from rings on a pole.

Eyelet Headings


Less formal than pinch pleats, eyelet hears have a contemporary feel. When the curtain is closed they create a soft, curving fold down the fabric and need far less material than other types of pleat. Eyelet headings only work with curtain poles, which should be fitted at least 15cm above the windows.

Goblet Pleats


Elegant and sophisticated, goblet pleates create a striking look and are ideal for use with longer windows. Choose rich jaguard or tapestry fabrics and combine them with lavish rope ties for a truly luxurious look. Perfect for creating a striking intirior!


Curtains in Chelmsford

Are you looking for made to measure curtains in Chelmsford? At Curtain Talk, we understand how important curtains are for helping you bring your individual style to your home, whilst still providing the functionality needed in all our homes. Wether you are looking for the classic, elagant feel in your home or a more modern contempary feel, we have curtains for your every need.

Create an incredible focal point with our made to measure service or take your pick from hundreds of ready made curtains, whatever you require our wide range of options will surely cover your needs. 

We offer a wide range of patterns and styles including plain curtains, floral curtains, striped curtains and lots more. Our collection of curtains offers a variety of colours to match whatever your personal style and current decor maybe.  Our most popular are grey curtains that can easily be matched to most accessories and bedding. 

Along with improving your style and decorations in your home, Curtain Talk offer a variety of functionality improvements in your home, such as nets and black out curtains.

Choose your curtain headers from a variety of options such as pencil pleat, eyelet curtains and pinch pleat curtains all with a huge range of different linings. 

Our Blackout curtains are ideal for children and light sleepers. They help to block out unwanted light coming into your home and help to keep your room cooler by blocking out the sun’s warming rays, this is a great function that makes blackout curtains perfect in the summer. Our thermal curtains are perfect for the winter as they keep the warmth in your home and block out draughts, this helps you to save money by cutting your energy costs. We also provide a large selection of separate  curtain linings that are easy to attach to your existing curtains, perfect if you want to add thermal or blackout linings at different times of the year. 

Whatever your curtain requirements, make sure you come and visit Curtain Talk in Moulsham Street for a truly personal and quality service.

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